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JSP Code Review Tool or Syntax Analyzer?
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We use an automated Java source code review tool (Hammurpai) in our
company. It does the job. However, we write a substantial amout of JSP
code for web and voice applications. The Java code review tool says it
will also handle JSP, but you need to run it through Jasper first to
turn it in to *.java files. I've been searching all over, but can't
find what I need. I want to take a directory and sub-directories of
*.jsp files and run them through an automated tool that checks for
syntax, parameter naming conventions, closed attribute quotes, closing
tags, ample whitespace, quantity of comments, etc. I want it to show
the violations so the code can be fixed before being bundled and
deployed, only to find out later that it has a problem compiling
because of a missing closing quote. Does anything like this exist out

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Sonar has web plugins to check JSP pages.And it has predefined rules for syntax check,unclosed tab,illegal attributes.But you can not create your own rule.
I am also searching for a tool rather than sonar which can be used to create rules for custom tags used in voice applications.
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