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javadoc: excluding files

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Consider the following setup of package bla:


Now consider that uses a foreign
package dodo, which may or may not be available on
the machine where javadoc is run.

When I run javadoc by specifying the package bla

javadoc -quiet -d javadoc -sourcepath src bla

on a machine without dodo, I get a compiler error
saying 'package dodo does not exist'.

When I run javadoc by specifying all *.java files

javadoc -quiet -d javadoc src/bla/

I cannot use {@link bla} anymore without getting a
warning about a '@link: reference not found'.

Obviously I would like to exclude
from javadoc while calling it on the package
name. (Note: I am not asking for automatic
exclusion. This would be taken care of by the
build environment.)

Below you find code for two class files of package
bla to demonstrate the problem.

Any solutions?


package bla;
import dodo.*;
* <p>A class which only compiles if a certain piece of software is
* available in the classpath, exemplified by the import above.</p>
public class Trouble {
package bla;
* <p>some nice doc referencing the package {@link bla}.</p>
public class Bla {

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