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Java and OLE (MS WORD or Open Office)

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2nd attempt at posting - apologies if duplicate

Im in the process of converting an application from a legacy language into
Java with Swing GUI and have a requirement to print MS Word documents which
contain bookmarked fields. The idea being that I update the bookmarks and
then print/save the document etc.

Can I do this ? and should I do this or is there a better way of handling
the printing ?

For info the MS Word documents are user maintined. ie they can load them up
into Word , mess around with the wording and then resave them and then start
the application and do things with the letters. Dont really want to convert
the 50+ templates into something else, would do so if necessary and user
editig could be maintained.

Lastly my company is trying to promote OpenOffice so maybe I should try and
get Java to talk to this (again with OLE?).

Thoughts and pointers would be appreciated.

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