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How to debug imported project in Eclipse

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I've got a webapp running through Eclipse which makes use of some open
source components. These are downloaded automatically as jar files to
my maven repository.

I'm now trying to debug some of these components using a process I used
before. I basically download the source to a location on my hard drive
(not in the Eclipse workspace), run maven eclipse to make a project
file and then import the project into Eclipse.

The problem I have is that I believe Eclipse is still running the code
in the jar file from my maven repository. If I put breakpoints in the
java files I have imported the debugger brings up the class file,
sometimes with the source displayed, and sometimes with a button
prompting to attach the source. If I attach the source I have imported
it still seems to run code in the jar file.

If I make a change to the source then I get a message from Tomcat to
say that the source is out of date and it terminates. In any case, it
doesn't appear to run my code. I've checked and unchecked lots of
settings in the project properties and in Windows preferences but I
can't seem to get it to work. I've had this working in the past and
didn't seem to have any problem. Anybody got any ideas on how I can get
this to work reliably?

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