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Newbie: Setting up and Running Java Servlets on J2EESDK-1_4

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Hi !
It's a newbie question:
I just downloaded j2eesdk-1_4_02_2005Q2-windows.exe and installed on my
windows. I already had JCreator installed on it.

Now my question is : I start app server and then how do I run servlets

I don;t knwo what to do. I am using Windows XP. Here is what I did :
1. I installed the software with all the default options, and started
the appserver, and I also started the pointbase server.
2. I opend JCreator, and wrote a simple "" program
3. It gives me error when I try to compile it. It can't import

Also, after resolving the above, my second question is that, I will
have a HelloServlet.class file - where do I save this file so that I
can view it using http://localhost:8000/HelloServlet ?

Someone told me that it is easier to use tomcat but the thing is that
my course requires me to use Sun's j2eesdk ONLY.

I also know that it would be wiser if go through tutorial and learn
about 'classpath' etc. But the thing is, at this point, I need to get
up and running with in next few hours. I will spend rest of the week
learning from the basics. But at this moment I need to get up and
running. So, could you please advise me on this. Like, could you give
me newbie-step-by-step directions (
for example: locate your j2ee install directory, and find xyz
subdirectory, and save the file there; or Type xy command on
dosprompt; and then type abcz command, and then that command etc.)

Please advise. Thanks a lot. I will eagerly wait for your response.


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Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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