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JTable drag and drop rows

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I can get simple dragging to occur by
-calling JTable.setDragEnabled(true),
-creating a TransferHandler and assigning it to JTable

With that, i can click on a row, then click it again and while holding
the left mouse down, drag it. What i see is a "folder" icon being
dragged. BUT, what i want to see is the ENTIRE row being picked up and
dragged. How would i go about doing this?

Do i have to now get into implementing DragGestureListener,
DragSourceListener and DropTargetListener, or can i still do it using
just the TransferHandler?
If I need to implement these "Drag" Interfaces, what methods do i need
to be concerned with if i want show a different icon when dragging (
how would implement so that when a user click on a row and drags it,
the entire row "picks up" and is moved ( is there a component i can
reference that wraps a row of a jtable)).

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