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servlet/jsp/jdbc best approach

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Hello guys

Which is the best approach when developing servlet/jsp/jdbc? I will take an

I have index-page, page2 and page 3.

When the user writes then the page index.jsp checks if the
user is coming from the servlet, like this:

<jsp:forward page="/Index" />
<%@ include file="/include/header.jsp" %>
content for index.jsp
<%@ include file="/include/footer.jsp" %>

On the other hand, the Index class has this init()

public void init(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException {
con = DatabaseConf.getConnection();

DatabaseConf is a class that handles all the operations related to the

Index.class has also the doGet-method like this:

request.setAttribute ("getPageTitle", "AnyTilte");
getServletConfig().getServletContext().getRequestD ispatcher("/index.jsp").forward(request,

Does it looks ok so long?

Now, I have other pages, page2 and page3 (in fact I have mych more than just
these, but this is only an example)

pages.jsp works as index.jsp. It makes a check

if not satisfied than it redirect to

<jsp:forward page="/Page2" />

My concern, however, is about databasemanagement. Even the Page.class has an
init-method that looks exactly like the one in Index.class, e.g.

public void init(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException {
con = DatabaseConf.getConnection();

In conclusion, Im starting jdbc-connection for every class-file that
initiates. Is this a good approach? What I would like is a solution to
initiate the database only one time, when the server starts. Not everytime,
the first time a specially class-file will be called. I know, this will
happens only one time for a file for the server's lifetime. But Im afraid
this is not a good way to work.



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