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FAQ - references to Google/Google Groups

Andrew Thompson
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Re: ( Java) FAQ - references to Google/Google Groups

Note: Cross-posted to and c.l.j.programmer,
with follow-ups (replies) set to
*only*. If you interested in this thread, or wish to
contribute to it, c.l.j.p. is the place to look.

I had become concerned at the reliance of my Java FAQ to the
Google search engine, so I have added a new section to the
document commenting on both Google and Google groups beta.

In a nutshell, it says
'There are other search engines - use your favorite' and
'Web interfaces can cause problems - beware. Use a
news client of you are able.'

I want to know what others think of this advice, since I
will most likely be referring to it often*, and want to get
a text that covers most angles, and is fair, reasonable and
aimed at providing new posters with the best advice.

* Starting (checks watch)

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