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Cruel intentions

Larry Barowski
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> I am now most certainly confused! To me the whole advantage of OOP is
> code reuse, but from what I have read it seems that even trying to
> reuse an event handler for a JMenu is less than trival. If you make a
> change to the superclass e.g. add a new item on the help menu, you must
> go through and thoroughly test every subclass?

But there is almost always no good reason to reuse an event
handler. Superclasses and subclasses should handle events
separately. Note that the Swing component classes rarely
implement ActionListener. JComboBox does, but you'll see
the comment "This method is public as an implementation
side effect. do not call or override."

> The alternitve as Larry suggests is to use a specific (abstract) method
> to react to events, which confuses me further!

You would only make it abstract if subclassing is necessary
and the subclass "must" react to the event. More commonly,
you would allow listeners (your own class of listeners) to be
added to the parent. Either way, this allows the superclass to
change the internals of how these events are generated
without breaking subclasses.

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