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[ANN] Imagero Reader 1.78 released

Andrey Kuznetsov
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Imagero Reader is in Java written library for reading of image files.

Supported file types are:

BMP (1, 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit uncompressed; 4 and 8 bit compressed)
TIFF (1, 4, 8, 16, 32, 48 and 64 bit per pixel;
bilevel, grayscale, palette, RGB,
CMYC, Cie Lab, YCrCb color spaces;
CCIT1D, G3, G4, ZIP, JPEG, LZW and PackBits compression),
JPG (inclusive CMYC and 12-bit grey)

Support for following RAW files:

MRW , CRW*, CR2*, THM, NEF* , DCR* , DNG*
* Full resolution image can't be yet read, but thumbnail, preview and
metadata can be read.


- read thumbnails and metadata,
- read ICC profile,
- edit metadata (IPTC, EXIF, IFD and IRB),
- get image width and height,
- get number of images, contained in file,
- define an area to read,
- add a ProgressListener,
- get JPEG quality,
- read an image channel,
- set a scale factor and subsampling (JPEG only),
- read an image (or channel) directly into an array
(and create BufferedImage),
- easy IPTC and EXIF handling with IPTCParser,
IPTCEditor and EXIFParser.

Imagero Reader works with java1.1 and later.

Imagero Reader is free for non-commercial use.
Commercial licenses are available.

- Added support for Targa ( TGA ) files.
- Fixed JPEG bug introduced in version1.77
- Fixed bug regarding reading EXIF metadata from JPEG files.
Also simplified EXIF handling. IFDEntry.toString() makes formatted
- Fixed bug regarding image scaling
(black image returned if scale factor was bigger then 0.6)
- Added short tutorial with working code -
- fixed minor bugs in TiffReader and ImageProducerAdapter.
- fixed bug regarding reading image data into array.

BTW this is last "cheap" release.
Who buys commercial license now can save money.

Andrey Kuznetsov Unified I/O for Java Java image reader Java GUI components and utilities

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