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Problem in exporting HTML contents to EXCEL page using JSP
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I am trying to create a EXCEL sheet in a jsp program.
Say the jsp program is CallExcel.jsp

I am using response.setContentType("application/");
to make the content type as excel.

The link which calls the CallExcel.jsp is like
http://<ip.address>:8080/<root folder>/CallExcel.jsp?&obj=<value> Where
obj is the parameter being passed to the jsp page.
When I try the link it is trying to open a file with the name
CallExcel.jsp?&obj=<value> and not as CallExcel.xls
We are having EXCEL 2002 in our machine. And I am not able to open the
file. I don't know what is the problem.
Waiting for the response.


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try setting this as well

filename=CallExcel.xls" );
res.setHeader("Content-disposition","inline; filename=CallExcel.xls");

depending on wether you want excel to launch(attachemnt) or you want
the excel sheet result within the browser (inline)

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