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Transforming XML using https
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I have an XSL stylesheet that I need to transform with. The XSL
stylesheet is located at an HTTPS address. I've tried to transform my
XML using this stylesheet, but I keep getting a "no trusted certificate
found" error. This web site is supposed to be trusted, so I don't know
what I'm doing wrong. Please help! Here's a sample of my code:

//Transform the XML using XSL.
public void transform(String strXSLPath, Writer objWriter) throws

//Add keystore even though this web site should already be trusted.
ConfigReader.GLOBAL_ROOT + "mywebsite.keystore");

//Get the stylesheet. (getWebHome() pulls the root URL from a
config file.)
URL objURL = new URL(SharedFunctions.getWebHome() + "/xsl/" +

//Create the StreamSource. This is when I get the error.
StreamSource objXSLSource = new StreamSource(objURL.openStream());

TransformerFactory objFactory = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
Transformer objTransformer =

StreamResult objResult = new StreamResult(objWriter);

//Get the XML source from the Document that has already been
DOMSource objXMLSource = new DOMSource(getDocument());

//Transform the XML and write the output to the stream.
objTransformer.transform(objXMLSource, objResult);

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