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[OT] Which technology is most appropriate for this web application?

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I apologise for this post which is probably off-topic but I am not
making much progress after several days of research. If there is a more
appropriate ng, please respond and I will repost this message there.

I have several client applications (behind firewalls) connecting to my
application over the internet. I want to be able to periodically "push"
data from the server to the clients (ala observer pattern). Ideally the
clients will subscribe to "topics" of interest and then the server will
notify the subscribers - i.e. push the relevant data to the clients as
and when the data changes at the server end. This is in effect, a kind
of "JMS over HTTP".

Are there any existing Java libraries/technolgy can I use?. Do I have to
write my own?.

PS: I have discounted Pushlets because of security and other issues
JGroups seems good, but it is not clear if there is a limit on the
number of members in a group, and if performance degrades as there are
more members added to a group - any information on this would be very
much appreciated.


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