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Why j2se kerberos implementation don't work?

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Appreciate any assistance given. I was playing with Sun's
implementation of Kerberos. I was using kinit in the Sun's J2SE package
on my PC (OS is Windows XP) to generate the keytab which is stored in
the default location (C:\Documents and Settings\myname\krb5cc_myname).
My organisation is using Active Directory 2000 in mixed mode.

After that, I tried to use kinit with -t option to specify using the
new keytab file. But the error messages i keep getting were below.

"Exception: krb_error 0 Cannot retrieve key from keytab for


"Exception: krb_error 0 No supported key found in keytab for

This is not the behaviour when I use MIT's implementation of Kerberos
on a Linux machine. Another behaviour that I found strange is that my
windows terminal echo the password I entered....again this is not the
behaviour with MIT's implementation.

Is Sun's Kerberos implementation in the J2SE package broken?

Thank you.

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