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Can we pass parameters to login.jsp in Tomcat Form-Based authentication

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I have a web-application (WebApp_1) running on Tomcat.
The security is Tomcat Container-managed security --
it is FORM-based. The login page is a servlet,


Two types of users can access my application.
And depending on that, I want to provide appropriate
login pages say
http://<ipaddress>/englishLogin.jsp and

When I access either of these pages, Tomcat invokes

The question is:
When I am in /servlet/loginHandler servlet, I don't
know which URI was accessed. So, while in the
loginHandler servlet how do I access the information
related to the actual URL sent by the browser
(englishLogin.jsp or spanishLogin.jsp)

I'd appreciate any help in this regard.

P.S. I tried adding custom information in HTTP header
so that I can use that information in loginHandler but
that is not a feasible solution.

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You can get the URL or URI from the HttpServletRequest object.

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> You can get the URL or URI from the HttpServletRequest object.

Thanks for your response.

getRequestURL and getRequestURI return the following
respectively when invoked from loginHandler. (URL)

/servlet/loginHandler (URI)

But what I want to access is the original URL (of a protected
resource, say spanishLogin.jsp).

It appears that Tomcat has exclusive access to the original
URI in this case and it is not accessible from a program.

Is this correct?

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Ok so you should just use a hidden input that called language and set
it respectively on the page the user hits. Then on the submit you can
parse it as a request parameter.
<input type="hidden" name="language" value="" />

where value is either "spanish" or "english"

in the servlet just do this

String language = request.getParameter( "language" );

Won't that do it?

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