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multiple versions of java plug-in support

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I am trying to force Netscape 7.2 to only use the plug-in version
1.4.2_07. Is it possible to have all the plugins available to be used
in different browser sessions, WITHOUT having to go into the control
panel for each session?

Each time I install a plugins - the new plugin takes control away from
the previous plugin. This means if a user has two applications which
use different plugins, the user must switch the plugin being used by
going through the control panel.

Also ...

When I go into the plugin control panel for the version needed and
designate a specific plugin for Netscape, it deselects the Netscape
option in the other plugin control panels.
Applying the 142_07 plugin deselects the 1.5.0 browser settings for
netscape 7.2 If the user must install another jre, the control of the
one we require is given to the new plugin.

I have tried with and without the .dll files in the Netscape/plugins

Also needs to be accomplished without the "Java Web Start" utility.

I know the user can change the plugin settings after the install, but
this is unclean. Not very user friendly from a software companies
perspective. Is there a way to progamatically make this change so the
user does not have to?

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