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FileLock and FileInputStream/FileOutputStream
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How do I lock a (Properties) file, read it, change it, and write it
back? I'm stuck because Properties.load() and use
FileInputStream and FileOutputStream respectively and I can't seem to
tie them together with a FileLock. If I FileLock the FileOutputStream,
then I can't read it with FileInputStream. I want to hold the FileLock
across load() and store(). Here's an attempt.

FileOutputStream fos = null;
FileChannel fosChannel;
FileLock fosLock = null;
fos = new FileOutputStream("c:\\$user\\test\\ ");
fosChannel = fos.getChannel();
fosLock = fosChannel.lock();

FileInputStream fis = null;
fis = new FileInputStream("c:\\$user\\test\\" );

// Open the existing repository
Properties existingRepository = new Properties();
// FAILS with
// The process cannot access the file because
another process has locked a portion of the file
// at Method)
catch (IOException ioe)

Properties newRepository = new Properties();
newRepository.setProperty("count", "1");, "master"); //Ok here since fos is locked


I also tried a variation use File, hoping the lock would share the same
File somehow, but it didn't help:

File file = new File("c:\\$user\\test\\");
fos = new FileOutputStream(file);
fis = new FileInputStream(file);

And I tried to lock the fis directly, but I can't get another FileLock
when I hold the FileLock on the fos:

FileChannel fisChannel;
FileLock fisLock = null;
fis = new FileInputStream("c:\\$user\\test\\" );
fisChannel = fis.getChannel();
fisLock = fisChannel.tryLock(0L, Long.MAX_VALUE, true);
// FAILS: fisLock will be null

That's not what I expected from reading about FileLocks:

"File locks are held on behalf of the entire Java virtual machine. They
are not suitable for controlling access to a file by multiple threads
within the same virtual machine."

They certainly seem to be controlling access within one thread in one
JVM. Holding it exclusive means I can't get it shared, at least from
my trial and error attempts.

I suppose a solution to my problem, although not a specific answer to
my question, is to lock some other file like: c:\user\test\file.lock
and hold it while I process c:\user\test\ That works if
everyone cooperates and follows the same scheme. Doesn't stop some
other application (notepad) from openning it but that's unlikely anyway.

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