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Failure in Accessing a Web Service from Internet Explorer? Can Anybody help
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Hi All,

I am trying to access a web service from Internet Explorer6.0 That has
been deployed using Apache Axis-1.2. The code to access the web
service is pasted as Below:

<TITLE>Web Service Test</TITLE>
var iCallerID = 0;
function init()
alert("Calling Service");
//Establsih the friendly name for the service

alert("Servcie 192");
var str = new String("Anshu");
iCallerID = service.myService.callService("sayHelloTo", "rohit");
alert("Calling One" + iCallerID);


function onWSresult()
// if there is an error, and the call came from the call() in init()
if((event.result.error)&&(iCallerID==event.result. id))
alert("Error Generated = " + event);
// Pull the error information from the event.result.errorDetail
var xfaultcode = event.result.errorDetail.code;
var xfaultstring = event.result.errorDetail.string;
var xfaultsoap = event.result.errorDetail.raw;
alert("The error string is " + event.result.errorDetail.string);
alert("Fault soap " + xfaultsoap);
alert("The server said " + event.result.value);
// Code to handle the specific errors can be placed here
// if there was no error, and the call came from the call() in
else if((!event.result.error) && (iCallerID ==
// Show the Results
alert("The server said " + event.result.value);
alert("Something else fired the event!");

<BODY onLoad = "init()">
<DIV id = "service" style = "behavior:url("

This client script tries to access a Web Service, The java class is
named HelloServer and the method which Iam trying to call is named as
sayHelloTo, (this method accepts a string and returns a string).

When I load this page the error shown on the page is SOAPNull error.

Can anybody help me with this?
Also guide me if there is any other mehtod of Accessing the WebService
deployed on Tomact+AXIS using InterNetExplorer.

Thanks & regards,
Rohit Ganda

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