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Problem calling business method on EJB! Help!!
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Hi Everyone!
I am posting this message with a different subject line because the
previous one did not catch up (one more line added though). Please do
not mind!

I am experimenting with a very small (with just two business
methods)EJB with CMP. The bean compiles and run fine when compiled in
default null package. But when I move the bean in a named package it
fails to run. The client which is an application client deployed on the
same server flags BAD_OPERATION exception with minor code '0'. It only
happens when I call a business method. The 'getPrimaryKey()' runs fine
and returns correct results.
I am using sun's reference implementation server shipped with J2EE sdk
version 1.3.
Any ideas.
Regards Amit

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Hi Again!
I do not know whether it was the right gorup to post this question.
Any ways I found the answer and it was in fact due to a bug in RI
version 1.3.1.
Thanks to google!


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