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Java on Pocket PC - detect file changes - activesync

Frank Wedekind
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I have an Pocket PC java application. This app saves data in the hsqldb
database on PPC.

For the program I searched an easy way to synchronize with pc.
I did following:
1. save the hsql db database in my documents on pocket pc
2. in active sync I use the file synchronization to automatically copy
the database to pc
3. start a synchronization java application on pc (overwrites database
in synchronization folder)
4. active sync copy the changed database to pocket pc

The problem is step 2. ActiveSync copy the database to pc but then the
activesync circle is yellow and he tolds me that one element isn't
synchronized. But this isn't true, he has already copied the database
correctly. If I now start synchronization, the yelow circle turns into
green and deletes the database on pc. On pocket pc database still exists.
If I disconnect the pocket pc after the yellow circle appeared (I don't
pressed the sync button) and connect again, he didn't delete the database.

Then I have build a simple text file and copied it to sync folder pc and
in my documents. Sync status is OK.
If I change the text file on ppc with an microsoft app the file is
transmitted correct. If I change the file somewhere on PC and copy it
directly to PPC or if i change the file with a java app on ppc I have
the same trouble as described above.
I think I have to set an 'marker' for the file on ppc but I don't know
which and if this ever possible with Java?

Every help is very appreciated! Thank you very much.

Regards, Frank
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cstamas82 cstamas82 is offline
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Sorry I don't speak english only little.

I would like to create a Java application to Ipaq 3970 with MySaifu JVM and HSQLDB database connection.

I download the easy java jdbc connection program.

I create with netbeans.
I add hsqldb.jar to my project/library and building because creating the myapp.jar.

I download the MySaifu JVM and Installed to my pocket.
I copied the jars to pocket


When I run the myapp.jar from MySaifu creating the error file:
JVM Version:
OS version: 4.20 (Build 1081): PlatformId 3 :
Memory: 91% used, physical 4329472/47108096, page file 0/0, virtual 26148864/33554432
Store: 7569056/18989056
CodePage: 437
JVM arguments: -Xmx10240K -Xoss32768 -Xss655360 -Xconsole -jar "\My Documents\MySaifu\PocketGps.jar"
ExceptionAddress: 22018
ExceptionCode: c0000005
Exception detail:
Access violation. Attempted to read address 22000014
Additional information:

Do you know used the hsqldb on pocket?
What JVM using?
Please send me JVM if isn't MySaifu.
Thanks your help.
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cstamas82 cstamas82 is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2007
Posts: 2
I send the previous message: MySaifi with hsqldb
My email: Removed)
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