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Problem Deleting Cookies
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Can anyone help?

I have written a servlet to delete cookies. but it seems not to be
deleting them or only deleting a few of the cookies but not all of
them. Below is an example of my code :

//Set Print Writer
PrintWriter pout = resp.getWriter();

//Get cookie array from HttpServletRequest
Cookie[] cookieArray = req.getCookies();

//Guard statement to check for missing cookies
if (cookieArray != null)
// Print a list of all cookies sent by browser
for (int i =0; i< cookieArray.length; i++)
Cookie c = cookieArray[i];

String cname = c.getName();

//Expire the cookie immediately
c.setMaxAge( 0 );

//Send cookie back to the browser to void it

pout.println (cname + " Deleted");
pout.println ("No cookies present, or browser does not support

But when I check to see if the cookies are there using another servlet
I get the following

Name : LtpaToken
yGhHRpWBEH5JxzX5baIzbnS+umxDAJUa9AEYyJY03F7FUiZQMw mWtac8/vpl8gEMlJrgpTNJuhY+s75mlOIpq9C9O1ujhpDDOapocdR+TAi CoXItYxCyfDmIfPeis01sc/c7gAan0tB9fgX1hdWXacKRNPPwuglZ6r9pg8MVqzm4qaQr3SEA m8tQSOs68bHphbStagLlZ4Wj7bhEGfqiDo9mq2F2F2rZlJ3E7O YsQSS7gq+i39r5Ga3e3UHRERhNlZsp6XjPp6ybk0UWRLo3bvMe U0QIAeDNHfxiFreJL9FQETt4MWc+T/cAcMqDm57jZGPxXu8NlcL25Z6TBYKsM8XeogQYFIahZN1uk6Nf/hxsUSQtUL4XZaLnwlhPCyhYx/rlVl6gS4UwySS7+ZrSEs9tIG6nbODC
Comment: null
Domain: null
Age: -1
Path: null
Version: 0
Unsecure cookie

Name : ONTCred
xS4YpHZxbyr2jHTNb2YF2zCF0zz0H2o6F3sHOOs6VCgGga1e8Y f27lwarbuuK12l//jOtXmJtkUKplSr3eIoG7puJTbzpQ3PPrE5cc8mWMoeIZCQrMgA 66Nr9l2zKqNujtWWJXT1S6HzBXGuKsNj+f1uEVz7K26wU6qU0V qI4JndhU6crT2FJBXK2q7PprNDpaeZ8tfCThKih1Q6ZYyfRELQ 6KwN1zfcAAAAAAAAAAA=
Comment: null
Domain: null
Age: -1
Path: null
Version: 0
Unsecure cookie

The two cookies above are the main ones I am having problems with.

Anyone any ideas why the cookies are not expiring?

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