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Re: JNI: Error loading DLL from JNI DDL

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      01-25-2005 Removed) wrote:
> Hi,
> I would appreciate it very much if anybody could help me with this.
> I am in the process of creating a JNI DLL on Nt 4.0 to enable Java
> applications to access WOSA/XFS devices (in this case a printer

> This JNI DLL has a very simple interface (only 3 calls) for which I

> provided a dual implementation to be able to call the DLL either from
> C/C++ or from Java.
> When I test the DLL's functionality using C testprogram everything
> works perfect. The same from Java turns up a popup with the following

> "invalid virtual base addr., GetLastError: 487"
> This occurs when trying to load the XFS_SUPP.DLL (1 component of the

> XFS suite).
> When I trim down the JNI DLL to contain everything BUT the XFS calls

> not linking the XFS DLLs) I can successfully call the JNI DLL from

> The only thing the errormessage tells me is that an invalid memory

address is
> accessed when loading the XFS_SUPP.DLL but I have no idea if I can

solve this
> by changing some configuration settings or what.
> I anyone could provide with some pinters on how to solve this, I

would be very
> grateful.
> Regards,
> Martin Corino.
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We got the same message in the following setup.
Os:- WIN2K
Application setup C++, MFC.

Problem Description:-
In a dialog based mfc application which loads two mfc regular dlls,
(Say DLL1 and DLL2 where DLL2 uses XFS library
msxfs.lib,xfs_conf.lib,xfs_supp.lib), the message
"invalid virtual base addr.; GetLastError 487"
pops on executing the application.

Project settings Details:-
In 'Object/library module' of project settings,the order of
libs are as Lib1, Lib2 (Lib1 for DLL1 & Lib2 for DLL2).

By changing the order of libs in the project settings,
that is loading 'Lib2' before 'Lib1', this problem is resolved.

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