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Testing a WMA application using an emulator
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I'm a newbie to J2ME, but here is what I am trying to do. I have a
small MIDlet (code below):

public class HelloWorldMIDlet extends MIDlet implements MessageListener
private StringItem stringItem;
private Display display;

public HelloWorldMIDlet()
stringItem = new StringItem("Label:", "Hello World");

public void startApp()

public void notifyIncomingMessage(MessageConnection conn)
TextMessage msg = (TextMessage) conn.receive();

display = Display.getDisplay(this);
Form form = new Form("Form 1");
catch (Exception ex)

public void pauseApp()

public void destroyApp(boolean unconditional)

As you can see, this is just a "tester" application I am using as a
proof of concept. I used Eclipse 3.0 as my IDE. I have an item in the
JAD for this:

MIDlet-Push-1: sms://:200, HelloWorldMIDlet, *

that should be used to update the PushRegistry as long as I load the
application using OTA. I then want to open up the WMA utility in the
WTK, and send an SMS message to the phone. Based on the code above, I
should see text "pop up" on the phone with whatever string I send in
the SMS message. OK, now, I have a bunch of questions on this, so here

1) You guys may think I need a lobotomy after this one, but I cannot
figure out how to bring up a "blank" phone emulator with no MIDlet
started. I would like to do this because from everything I have read,
the SMS message should cause the MIDlet to load based on the
MIDlet-Push-1 entry in my JAD. How do I do this???

2) In Eclipse I cannot figure out how to "load the app OTA". The only
options I see are to build the project or run the app.

3) Since I couldn't figure out how to do (1), I went ahead and started
the HelloWorldMIDlet in Eclipse, which brought up a phone (55500000),
with a blank screen (since nothing is in the startApp event). I then
opened up the WMA utility in the WTK, and sent a message over port 200
to this phone - nada, nothing printed on the screen. This because I
didn't load the app to the emulator OTA (which per #2, I can't figure
out how to do).

Thanks for your help in advance and sorry if any of these are brain
dead questions.

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