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open new link with applet

Bernd Boehm
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I have an Applet which displays images. By clicking the "next" Button
I'd like the applet to show the next image. The image is chosen by a PHP
script from a MySQL DB(name, index, and a third value). At the minute I
use this PHP to start the applet (with an initial index of "1" for the
first image). With the next button I just call the same script again
(with new index). But no new images is displayed.
Is this because of security reasons? Is there any workaraound (I don't
necessarily wanna open a NEW window but refresh the old one)
Or can I pass data from a PHP in a running applet?
Cheers Bernd
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Andrew Thompson
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On Sat, 15 Jan 2005 11:29:29 GMT, Bernd Boehm wrote:

> Heya,

What language is that?

> I have an Applet ..


>..which displays images.

> But no new images is displayed.

In what? What is your browser? Make and version, please.

While you are at it, answer this. (Java make and version)

> Is this because of security reasons?

Difficult to say without further information,
particularly the URL.

Andrew Thompson Web & IT Help Open-source software suite Science & Technology Images that escape the mundane
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