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[ECLIPSE] [CENSORSHIP] - Mike Milinkovich (Eclipse Foundation Director)Censors Forums

Ilias Lazaridis
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followup-to: c.l.j.softwaretools


J2SE 5.0 (Tiger) Implementation within eclipse codebase.

I've tried to get an overview, whilst using the resources of the eclipse
foundation's project.

[sidenote: the J2SE 5.0 Tiger implementation will take months to be
implemented fully within JDT.Core, the most relevant subsystem. This is
of course a very negative publicity for the eclipse foundation and
especilly the IBM JDT.Core team.]


The Censorship Request:

"I have asked the WebMaster to do what he can to make Ilias disappear
from Bugzilla, the newsgroups and our mailing lists."


One of my responses [whilst using another ISP to overcome IP blocking]:

An impressive fast reaction.

But: as an professional, you should have the ability to decouple.

Even if you decide to reverse my access from Bugzilla [as you have done]
- this has nothing to do with this forum here [btw: i do not write
within the team forums (mailinglists)].


how everything starts:

[PROJECT] [BUGZILLA] - Dependency Feature


The initial thread:

[GOVERNANCE] - Mr. Kent Johnson (IBM) Obfuscates Status and Relationsof


People continue to write in this thread, mostly applauding to the
applied censorship.

Even my read access to is blocked.


Protect my voice.

Protect the integrity and reputation of the eclipse foundation.


Act Against Censorship.


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