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Ah Ming
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I write the following code of java with the compilation error.
Would you mind helping to find the key problem? The error is shown as
following. cannot resolve symbol
symbol : constructor Product (java.lang.String,double)
location: class Product
product[0]= new Product("Apple", 3.5);

Kai Ming
public class Product{
public String name;
public double price;

public void Product (String aName, double aPrice){
name = aName;
price = aPrice;

void setProduct(){
Product("Apple", 3.5);
public class Shop {

//attribute called product
public Product[] product=new Product[3];

public Shop () {
product[0]= new Product("Apple", 3.5);
product[1]= new Product("Orange", 3);
product[2]= new Product("Pear", 2.5);

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Andrew Thompson
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On 27 Dec 2004 04:19:58 -0800, Ah Ming wrote:

> public class Product{
> //Attribute
> public String name;
> public double price;
> //Constructor
> public void Product (String aName, double aPrice){

A constructor has no return type.

public Product(String aName, double aPrice ) {

What you have is a public method called Product.

Please consider directing beginner questions to a group
better suited helping those learning the Java basics..


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