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Open Source Calendar Package, version 0.8, released
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Open Source Calendar Package, version 0.8

(If version 0.8 does not exist, try 0.9 or 0.10 etc.)
License: GNU General Public License

This package implements many calendars.

In addition to the Gregorian calendar, it has

Armenian calendar
Bahai calendar
Chinese calendar
Coptic calendar
Ethiopic calendar
French revolutionary calendar
Hebrew calendar
Hindu lunar calendar
Hindu solar calendar
Indian calendar
Islamic calendar
Jalali calendar
Julian calendar
Mayan calendar
Nepali calendar
Persian calendar
World calendar

Different countries changed from Julian to Gregorian calendar in
different times. This package has calendars for the following
countries (all of them do not exist any more as independend countries)

Calendar Countries
BohemianMoravian Bohemia and Moravia
British Great Britain and Dominions
Bulgarian Bulgaria
Danish Denmark, Norway and many German Protestant states
Finnish Finland and Sweden
Hungarian Hungary
Luxemburgian Luxemburg
Prussian Prussia
Romanian Romania
Russian Russia, Estonia (was part of Russia when calendar changed)
SwissProtestant Swiss Protestant cantons

The classes do not implement the java.util.Calendar interface but they
have functions to convert to and from java.util.GregorianCalendar.

Part of the code is translated into Java from GNU Emacs's calendar

Another source has been The Calendar FAQ

The package also has date formatting and parsing routines analogous to
java.text.DateFormat and java.text.SimpleDateFormat.

Terms of Use

This package is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU
General Public License, see http//

Change Log

* Changes Since Version 0.7
- Jalali calendar (better version of Persian calendar).
- Month and weekday names for non-Gregorian calendars have been localized.
- Bug fixes.

* Changes Since Version 0.6
- Chinese calendar.
- Applet/appliction to convert between calendars.
- Bug fixes.

* Changes Since Version 0.5
- One new calendar: WorldCalendar.
- Symbolic names for weekdays (MONDAY, etc) and months (JANUARY, etc)
- More javadoc documentation.
- and
updated to Java version 1.5 Beta 2.
- Bug fixes.

* Changes Since Version 0.4
Bug fixes.
More documentation.
Instructions on how to compile the package with Java version 1.4.

* Changes Since Version 0.3
Five new calendars:
- ArmenianCalendar
- BahaiCalendar
- HinduLunarCalendar
- HinduSolarCalendar
- IndianCalendar
CalendarApplet class.
Bug fixes.
More documentation.

* Changes Since Version 0.2
- Calculate Easter according to Julian and Gregorian Calendars.
- DefaultDateFormatSymbols for each calendar.
- DateParser class to parse dates using regular expressions.
The class defines regular expressions to parse dates like this
31 December 2004
December 31, 2004
31. joulukuuta 2004
31 décembre 2004
but you can also use your own regular expressions.
Input can be from string or File or InputStream or any class that
implements the Readable interface.
You need Java version 1.5 to use DateParser.

* Changes Since Version 0.1
- Bug fixes.
- Java Bean to display a calendar.
- Easier installation: jar file.

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