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java socket vs tcp stack parameters in XP

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I'm running a java application on my XP Pro box that should send
messages to a server.

I use a regular java socket, and all is fine on this side. all messages
are sent and received with no problem.

however, when I analyze the traffic with a sniffer, I can see that, for
example, when sending 3 messages in a row (writing 3 the 3 messages on
the socket, but with very little interval time < 1ms), then:
- the FIRST message is sent immediatly on the wire
- the SECOND and THIRD messages are sent TOGETHER, but roughly 100ms
AFTER the first one.

it looks like the box is waiting for some kind of TCP ACK or heartbeat
before sending the second and third messages.

I've looked into ways of improving this, and read a few things about
TCP/IP stack tuning on solaris (tcp_naglim_def), but have found very
little info about XP tcp stack tuning apart from modifying the window

would anybody know of a good reference to find a solution to this
problem ?
would you know which tcp parameters are tunable on XP, and how ?
what are tcp_deferred_ack_interval ? tcp_nodelay ?
any help would be greatly appreciated...

thanks !


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