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Help: Display Modification on a sync slideshow program
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I'm trying to modify some source code from a sourceforge project. I'm
very green with java. In short, the program is designed to webcast
images to a java browser. By the programmer's code, it checks the size
of the user's screen and runs java at full screen. The end user can
adjust the window size through right clicking (2 or 3 mouse button) or
click and hold (one mouse button). However, I need the window to be
decorative and be defined by a certain size, ex 360x270.

There are some variables and settings in awt that I don't have any clue
on setting. I believe that the changes to define the window size and
make the window decorative are at line 138. Ultimately, I'll aim to
produce a jar out of all of the classes.

A demonstration of the project in action can be found at

Documentation for the project is very good. I've put the documents and
source code up at

My theory on where the code could be modified is
at line 138

JWPFrameSS(String s, String d, String c, String b, String f, boolean
app) {
setSize(Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize( )); //
maximize me
setDefaultCloseOperation(app?DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE:EXIT _ON_CLOSE);
setUndecorated(true); // this require JRE 1.4 or above.
getContentPane().add(new JWPPanelSS(this, s, d, c, b, f, app));

Any help is appreciate.
-Dave Removed) remove NOSPAM

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