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interesting thin-client problem

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An applet is certainly the easiest way to implement the map component
from my point of view, however I wonder if an applet can be made to fit
the JSF framework - like can an applet be wrapped up as a JSF

Anyway, it seems I have a few options -

a) a straight server-side image map
b) a custom JSF component that does a bit of client-side processing
with javascript

c) an applet

thanks all

Mark Murphy wrote:
> stefoid wrote:
> > hmm, I just realised that JSF components can be (usually are?) made
> > with JSP and javascript. so maybe I could create a 'hex map' JSF
> > component. Would kind of break my rule about @$@#$ around with JSP

> > so on.
> >
> > It would have to
> >
> > 1) generate a scrollable and zoomable hex map
> > 2) display the players units/objects in the hexes they occupy
> > 3) display some information about the hex and possible units on

> > rollover
> > 4) display detailed information when the hex is clicked on,

possibly in
> > a popup window
> > 5) allow a unit to be moved from its current hex to a destination

> >
> >
> > would all that be possible with javascript? Using this kind of

> > side processing would mean the client would have to have a lot of

> > about the map and its contents. Lets say the map was 100x100

> > each with a name, a type, and optionally some containing a number

> > units of possibly differing types. Even at only 50 bytes per hex,
> > thats half a meg of data. I cant see any way around the client

> > to ask the server for specific information about each hex. hmmm...
> >

> I think you can do what you want with a Java applet.
> I'm actually working on something similar to this designed more for a

> D&D RPG type game. It's my first Java project. I always find working

> games make learning a new programming language more fun. Its fully a
> Java application that I will convert to an applet when I'm done.
> I started by developing my own animation panel for the map:
> 1)The map can scroll in either dimension just by moving close to the
> edge of the screen.
> 2)The mouse location is continuously monitored, so hovering in one
> location can trigger a popup image or text to be added in the frame.
> 3) A grid ( in my case rectangular) can be turned on or off at will.
> 4) Clicking in any location takes the Panel location -> map

> -> then the object in that location is notified it is clicked on. In

> case this notifies the Char that they are active and moves them to

> next location. In your case it sounds like you want to open a new

> My server that I will post this on does not run Java servers, so I
> handle all of the communication, move data, map updates with POSTs to
> a PHP script that returns requested data.
> I hope this gives you some ideas. Let me know if you want more

> of what I have going on.
> Mark

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