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Does this make sense?

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I am trying to find an old post I had but here goes another

I am trying to make an application that will work under WML and from
the regular computer.

>From what I have read, one can do the following:

1. The user sees a .wml or a .html file on the client side

2. In the .wml file or the .html file is a point to a .jsp file (for
example, process.jsp) so that process.jsp will do all of the work.

3. process.jsp will have a java bean associated with it so that the
"set" properties are activated within the bean (ex: setFirstName,
setLastName, etc.)

4. Hopefully, the items that are retrieved are kept in the session of
the user.

5. Processing is done by the JSP to create an XML.

6. The XML is ran through the XSLT so that it will create the
appropriate file for the appropriate client (Browser, PDF, WAP, etc.)

And the process is repeated over and over for the processing of the

Does this line of thinking make sense?

JSP - creates -> XML - ran through -> XSLT - Producing -> HTML or WML,

I am new to this area and am trying to understand how all of this can
be accomplished. I have some beans that I want to use too.
Any help, hints or advice would be appreciated


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