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Re: Timeout for InputStream

Filip Larsen
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Manish Hatwalne wrote

> Is it possible somehow to get an input stream from an

> object to timeout on a read() operation? How can I do it?

Recently I had to do the same in a way that did not require major change
to an existing input stream pipeline, and I came up with the
PolledInputStream class included below. You may be able to modify it to
suit your needs.

Note: to work it relies on the underlying inputstream being able to
report available() > 0 when there is input, which do not necessarily
hold for all InputStreams. However, it do seem to hold for Sun's
HttpURLConnection input streams as far as I have been able to test.


* Adapter to change blocking input into polled input with timeout.
* @author Filip Larsen
public class PolledInputStream extends InputStream {

public PolledInputStream(InputStream input, long timeout) {
this.input = input;
this.timeout = timeout;

public int available() throws IOException {
return input.available();

public void close() throws IOException {

public void mark(int readlimit) {

public boolean markSupported() {
return input.markSupported();

public int read() throws IOException {

public int read(byte[] b) throws IOException {
return read(b,0,b.length);

public int read(byte[] b, int off, int len) throws IOException {
int n = available();
return, off, Math.min(len,n));

public void reset() throws IOException {

public long skip(long n) throws IOException {
return input.skip(n);

private InputStream input;
private long timeout;

private void sleep(long time) {
try {
} catch (InterruptedException ignore) {

private void waitForAvailable() throws IOException {
long until = System.currentTimeMillis() + timeout;
while (available() == 0) {
if (System.currentTimeMillis() > until) {
throw new IOException("input timed out");
try {
} catch (InterruptedException ignore) {


====End of

Filip Larsen

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