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Problem with deploytool.

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I am trying to build a web service starting from hand-written wsdl using
JAX-RPC and wscompile tool from Sun Java System Application Server 8.0.
I don't want any data binding, so i invoke wscompile tool with -f
nodatabinding option with deploytool I create war, and I try to deploy it.

And deployment fails!
Reading server log I have found that reason for this failure is ejbc:

[#|2004-09-29T21:09:41.174+0200|INFO|sun-appserver-pe8.0.0_01||_Thr eadID=11;|
error: [failed to localize] unable to find member rodzajProblemu in
jaxrpcmapping meta for exception whose wsdl message is:

Message refers to part of my schema cited below:


<complexType name="ProblemPrzetwarzania">
<element name="rodzajProblemu">
<restriction base="string">
<enumeration value="Merytoryczny"/>
<enumeration value="Systemowy"/>
<element name="oznaczenieProblemu" minOccurs="0" type="string"/>
<element name="opisProblemu" type="string"/>

<element name="problemPrzetwarzania" type="ugroblemPrzetwarzania"/>


Identifiers are polish words, so don't bother with making up what do
they mean.
I have checked mapping.xml generated by wscompile, and ejbc is right -
there is nothing about rodzajProblemu, but if there is no class bound to
element problemPrzetwarzania except SOAPElement, there is no mapping,
so deploytool shouldn't try to compile any bean!

Should I consider it to be bug or I am doing sth. wrong?

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