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java.util.logging, where to put

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I am doing some coding using java.util.logging, and can't seem to
figure out where to put so that it could be found.
Actually I can get the properties working if I include the whole path
to the file in the -D initialization parameter, as in:

-Djava.util.logging.config.file=C:\Java\eclipse\wor kspace\projX\bin\

also, if I use a relative path to from my current
directory, that works as well. But that's all a bit clumsy, I was
expecting that I could put in my CLASSPATH
somewhere, and command


would be able to find it. But it does not seem to be. I do not want to
modify the JRE-wide settings, I want to include a specific
configuration file for this application.

One attempt I tried was to put the whole thing to JAR, but I had no
luck with that either:

C:\Java\eclipse\workspace\projX>unzip -l test.jar
Archive: test.jar
Length Date Time Name
-------- ---- ---- ----
0 10-09-04 12:32 META-INF/
106 10-09-04 12:32 META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
0 10-09-04 11:49 com/
0 10-09-04 11:49 com/jannem/
0 10-09-04 11:49 com/jannem/test/
1425 10-09-04 12:06 com/jannem/test/BasicTest.class
2344 10-09-04 12:23
-------- -------
3875 7 files

C:\Java\eclipse\workspace\projX>java -cp test.jar

< log messages>

And ues, commons logging / Log4J would probably be less of a headache,
but that's not an option right now....
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