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Rmi Unicastref on a ipv4/ipv6 system

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Has anyone been able to get an RMI object to work on ipv6 and ipv4 at
the same time? I have a server, 'middle' which runs ipv4 and ipv6.
When I start up my RMI server on 'middle', the object binds into the
registry and advertises the address "" in the UnicastRef.

When I jump onto my ipv4-only Windows box, I can access the object
just fine. When I switch to my ipv6-only Linux box (not running
anything ipv4!), the RMI client application is able to retrieve the
RMI Server object from the registry on 'middle', but any subsequent
invokation on that RemoteRef fail, because the Remote Reference that
'middle' returned said that the address is "". I was
able to verify this behavior using an ethernet sniffer (tcpdump) on

I switched things around and ran the RMI Server on the ipv6-only box,
and then ran the client on 'middle' and it all worked fine. Since the
RMI Server had started on the ipv6-only server, the only available IP
address was the ipv6 address. Thus, when the RMI client running on
'middle' retrieved the RemoteRef from the ipv6-only box, the RemoteRef
contained the ipv6 address.

So, the big question: how to I get a Remote object to bind in the
registry and make it so that it'll work with ipv4 users and ipv6 uers?
It doesn't seem that a RemoteRef can contain more than one "address" -
and if that's the case, then I guess I'm severely hosed...

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