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Re: Unusual application for code coverage tool?

Anupam Sengupta
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Jared MacDonald <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> I'm searching for a java code coverage tool. I plan to identify every
>> line that isn't executed, and then comment it out of the source code,
>> in order to produce a truly minimal size java applet. Assuming that no
>> tool can do this actual thing, I would need line by line coverage
>> output in a readable file so I can run the commenting as a post
>> process.

> I assume you came across Clover?
> I'm not sure if you're willing to write unit tests to determine the
> code coverage of the applet, but if you are, Clover is very good at
> producing line-by-line reports of coverage (in a typical report, each
> line provides a highlighted indication of whether it was executed or
> not, and if it was, how many times).

If you are willing to take the unit test approach, then the "NoUnit"
tool can also provide an indication on the coverage (well, coverage of
the tests actually).

This of course assumes that your test cases
exercise the application/applet extensively, and the branches/code being
left out can be reasonably excised from source without any negative
effects on actual operation.

- Anupam
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