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Decimal separator chages from dot(.) to comma(,)

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Hi all,

I have a problem in decimal separator. I'm calling an oracle Stored
Procedure from a CallableStatement, which return a decimal value(say
12.56). When I execute the Stored Procedure from SQL Plus, I get the
decimal value in the dot separated format(12.56). But when I call the
same Stored procedure through my CallableStatement, I get the decimal
value in a comma separated format(12,56).

Most of the European nations use the comma as the decimal separator
and the Oracle server is in an European nation. But I have changed the
settings to American which use the dot as the decimal separator. But
still I am facing the same problem.

Does anybody have any solution for this?

Any solution will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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Michael Borgwardt
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Guru wrote:
> Does anybody have any solution for this?

Retrieve the value via ResultSet.getBigDecimal(), then you can format
it whichever way you like.
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