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telnet from Java

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[QUOTE=marcus;577587]This is a major pet peeve of mine . . .
What is the word "telnet"? What does it represent? Is it just the name
of a windows program? Hmm, could it be a protocol?

what does the word "protocol" mean? Is it a standard method of doing
something, like diplomatic protocol? An agreed standard of communication?

Hmm, maybe you should do something simple, like google "telnet protocol"
before demonstrating to any prospective employer who googles "Wilson
Chew" how blazingly inept you are at problem solving.

Then, when you see how silly rewriting an entire communications protocol
would be, try googling c.l.j.p for telnet package.

Better yet, pick up a paintbrush.

-- clh

A major pet peeve of mine is the fact that nearly every news group has a pedantic a-hole or two hanging around waiting for opportunities to toot their own horn at someone else's expense.

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