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Stefan Poehn
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I have found a strange behavior in my program. Since Thursday I get an
UnsupportedEncodingException in a call
to new String(byte[] buf,String encoding); when I set encoding to "Cp850"
(DOS Latin1). It worked before with the same java code, the same classpath,
the same jdk directory and the same environment variables.

I assume the methods that solve the encoding use the classes
$JRE\lib\charsets.jar. What is really strange is that I can use the classes
in charsets.jar, e.g. without changing the classpath
(and then encoding works perfect). Why does the constructor String(byte[]
buf,String encoding); not use the ByteToCharCp850 class?

What should I do when java.nio.charset.Charset.availableCharsets does not
return Cp850, and I need exactly this codepage for my program to work?


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