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Sorta OT: How to .NET for a Java Web Programmer?

Will Hartung
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Hi all,

I have the Java Web server programming models, methods, patterns,
techniques, architectures pretty well down. Know how it works, where to put
things, how to write things. Generic "experienced" Java Web programmer.

So, now I'm looking over at .NET for a project, but most of the ASP.NET
stuff I see is pretty much all Model 1 style programming, embedding
everything in ASPs, "including" your shared code, etc., something I'm loathe
to do.

Now, I assume (hope) that this isn't the only way to do this kind of thing
on .NET.

I'd ask this question in the windows/microsoft groups, but it's not obvious
as where to even start. So, I'd figure I'd ask from the other side.

In the Java world, we talk about JSPs, Servlets, and JavaBeans, WebApps.
These are the bedrocks of the platform.

I'm looking for some resource that can explain .NET in those kinds of terms
so I don't have start from absolute ground zero. I'm not a fan of .NET, but
it makes sense for this project. But at this point I'm tempted to just jump
into Java anyway, but that's based on simple ignorance.

On the other hand, I'm not really interested in getting a 1000 page book to
evaluate the platform for the task.

I got a basic ASP.NET book, and it gave me a flavor, but it was all Model 1
embedded code.

So can anyone here shine a light down the maze of twisty passages, looking
all alike and give me a hint and shove in the right direction? Or point me
to a better forum?



Will Hartung
((E-Mail Removed))

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