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Getting Directory File list on Unix Box

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Again a newbie to JSP.

Here is my dilema:
I have a jsp page that when it loads I need it to read the names of
the files located in a directory on the UNIX web server that hosts the
page. The directory is /u004/qms/ext_tables. Once it knows the names
of the files I need to pass the names of those files to a Oracle
Stored Procedure.

I got the following code to work; however, it was on a Windows box
with a mapped drive to the folder containing the file names I needed
(o:\) When moved off the test box (WINNT) to the production box
(UNIX), the code crashed. I need to modify the following to work with
UNIX. CAN someone plesae help!!!

String sSPName = "ImportNOCCData";
class TxtDocFilter implements FileFilter {
public boolean accept(File f) {
String name = f.getName().toLowerCase();
return name.endsWith(".txt");
File f = new File("o:/");
File[] files = f.listFiles(new TxtDocFilter());
int counter;
for (counter=0; counter<files.length; counter++)
String s = ""+ files[counter] +"";
String CleanPath = s.replaceAll("o:\\\\","");
int iUserID = ((Integer)session.getAttribute("userid")).intValue ();;
// call the SP
CallableStatement oCs = oCn.prepareCall("{CALL " + sSPName + "(?, ?,
?, ?)}");
oCs.setString(1, CleanPath);
oCs.setString(2, "07/20/2004");
oCs.setInt(3, iUserID);
oCs.registerOutParameter(4, java.sql.Types.INTEGER);
oCs.setInt(4, 0);
int iRetVal=oCs.getInt(4);
if (iRetVal>0)
out.print("Import failed. Please contact System Administrator with
a system code of ");
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Phillip Mills
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In article <(E-Mail Removed) >, Removed) (TManners) wrote:

> When moved off the test box (WINNT) to the production box
> (UNIX), the code crashed. I need to modify the following to work with

What code did you change for UNIX? (File("o:/") at least, I assume?)

Where did it crash?

What message did you get from the crash?

Phillip Mills
Multi-platform software development
(416) 224-0714
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