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Integrating Tomcat with Weblogic - AccessControlException

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I am trying to deploy the web tier on tomcat v 5.0.25 and have it
communicate with the EJB's on a weblogic 8.1 instance - everything
works fine on a monolithic weblogic configuration.

it starts deploying the .war file then barfs after the first
successful JNDI when it tries to do something with the look'ed up

the stubs/skeletons are generated by using weblogic's appc compiler.
the jndi url is "iiop://localhost:7001" (i.e. weblogic's address
using iiop). this part seems to work.

- do i have to sign the .war or any of the .jars that are used?
- do i have to change the policy file to allow SocketPermission for
the webapp?
- is there a way to configure tomcat's jmx security policy/managment?
- is there a special xdoclet option or weblogic appc option that must
be used in conjunction with Tomcat? (this stuff worked with apache or
weblogic web tiers)

any help much appreciated.

Jul 15, 2004 10:53:22 AM org.apache.commons.modeler.Registry
SEVERE: Error registering
Catalina:j2eeType=WebModule,name=//localhost/tomcat-mint-web,J2EEApplication=none,J2EEServer=none Access denied
mx4j.server.MBeanTrustPermission register): MBean class
org.apache.commons.modeler.BaseModelMBean is not trusted for

mx4j.server.interceptor.SecurityMBeanServerInterce ptor.checkTrustRegistration(SecurityMBeanServerInt
mx4j.server.interceptor.SecurityMBeanServerInterce ptor.registration(SecurityMBeanServerInterceptor.j ava:116)
mx4j.server.interceptor.DefaultMBeanServerIntercep tor.registration(DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor.jav a:113)
mx4j.server.interceptor.DefaultMBeanServerIntercep tor.registration(DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor.jav a:113)
mx4j.server.interceptor.ContextClassLoaderMBeanSer verInterceptor.registration(ContextClassLoaderMBea
..... <left out rest of stack trace>
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