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[struts] nested formbeans

Tobias Schierge
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i have a bean that consists of nested HashMaps which i want to edit using a

I can fill the formfields correctly e.g.

<html:text property="aaa.bbb.ccc"/>

...displays a pre-filled value when i have


But the value that is entered by the user is never passed back into the

Or can a nested bean not be edited like this?

I know that i can do..

<html:text property="aaa(bbb)"/>

...but this works only for one-level-nested beans, e.g. a DynaActionform
containing a HashMap. I need to edit multi-level-nested beans.

I already had a look at struts-nested taglib but that does not seem to help,
as far as i understand its more for convenience and simplification.

Thanks for your Help. Regards,

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