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Help! - Using literal encoding with SaaJ

M. Turner
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I have had a search around this and other groups but have not seen the
answer to my question, so I would really appreciate it if anyone could
give me any advice:

Basically I am using SaaJ to create, send and receive XML documents
using HTTP over SOAP between java clients and servlets. When I return a
document from a saaj service where the SOAP message includes a complex
type that is repeated i.e. several records from a database, like so:

child elements
child elements

It seems to encode it as an array using SOAP multiref encoding. I want
to be able to create an XML schema for the documents and use literal
encoding for it (i.e, for Saaj to not automatically encode it using

Is there a way to set the encoding style for Saaj to literal? Or for it
to not automatically encode my data as an array at least? If not, does
anyone know of a better way to do this at all? Is there another java API
I should be using for document style messaging? I need to be able to
create and parse the XML SOAP documents manually, rather than send the
information as method calls and parameters as in JAX-RPC.

I'm a relative newbie at saaj and I am coming to the conclusion that I
am probably trying to do something that is not possible with the current
version of the API...

Any information at all would be a great help,



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