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ClassCastException on JMS Service startup

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I am using Sun's JMS implementation from Dynamo app server. Whenever I
start my server with Unacked objects already in the Queue I get a
ClassCastException. This is strange because this even happens when I
haven't changed any classes, just a stop/start of the server. I
thought this was because of version differences between compiled class
versions and I added serial version Ids in all classes but didnt help.
Maybe its because of different classloaders etc.?

I am storing simple Java objects in the MessageObjects (no XML, etc.)

Here is the stackTrace:

**** info /atg/dynamo/service/j2ee/JMSService INFO Bound destination
into JNDI Namespace
**** info /atg/dynamo/service/j2ee/JMSService INFO Bound destination
emailQueue in
to JNDI Namespace
**** info /atg/dynamo/service/j2ee/JMSService INFO Bound destination
errorQueue in
to JNDI Namespace
**** Warning /atg/dynamo/service/j2ee/JMSService WARN Exception
**** Warning /atg/dynamo/service/j2ee/JMSService Message: null
**** Warning /atg/dynamo/service/j2ee/JMSService
**** Warning /atg/dynamo/service/j2ee/JMSService at
**** Warning /atg/dynamo/service/j2ee/JMSService at
com.sun.jms.service.QueueSubscription.loadUnackedM essages(
**** Warning /atg/dynamo/service/j2ee/JMSService at
**** Warning /atg/dynamo/service/j2ee/JMSService at
com.sun.jms.service.QueueImpl.<init>(QueueImpl.jav a:103)
**** Warning at com.sun.jms.service.ServiceRecoveryManager.createD estinationFromDBRow( 2)
**** Warning at com.sun.jms.service.ServiceRecoveryManager.recover Destinations(
**** Warning at com.sun.jms.service.ServiceRecoveryManager.recover (
**** Warning at com.sun.jms.service.JMSServiceImpl.initializationC heck(
**** Warning at com.sun.jms.service.JMSServiceImpl.<init>(JMSServi
**** Warning at com.sun.jms.service.JMSServiceImpl.getInstance(JMS
**** Warning at com.sun.jms.service.JMSManagerImpl.startJMSService (
**** Warning at atg.j2ee.jms.JMSManagerService.doStartService(JMSM
**** Warning at atg.nucleus.GenericService.

Any hints?

Thanks -

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