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Re: Compare words (not Strings)
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Peace be unto you.

"word suggesting portion of a spell-checker"
Working on your suggestion...

A new column will store the hash of the string
in the database (if Relational DB) .
The program transforms the input into a hash value,
and checks the result against the database for a match.

Here is some sample code.

import com.swabunga.spell.engine.*;
public class HashR
public static void main(String [] s)
DoubleMeta dm = new DoubleMeta();
String notMD5 = dm.transform("cinanmon");
String notMD4 = dm.transform("cinnamon");
String notMD3 = dm.transform("cinamon");
System.out.println(notMD5); //SNNMN - return value
System.out.println(notMD4); //SNMN - return value
System.out.println(notMD3); //SNMN - return value

The Java Open Source Spell Checker
jazzy -
jCVS A Java Based CVS Client

CVS Settings
PServer Checked
CVS Module:jazzy
CVS Repository:/cvsroot/jazzy
Checkout Directory:/jazzy

All files are stored in C:\jazzy

javac -classpath "C:\jazzy\jazzy\src;."
java -classpath "C:\jazzy\jazzy\src;." HashR
Windows Me -
scite - - A free source code editor for Win32 and X
google - - Search Engine
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