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html parser, some site work only

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this code work only some site, why?
Have you some ideas how it make?

import java.util.*;
import javax.swing.text.html.HTML;
import javax.swing.text.html.HTMLEditorKit;
import javax.swing.text.html.HTMLEditorKit.ParserCallback ;
import javax.swing.text.html.parser.ParserDelegator;
import javax.swing.text.MutableAttributeSet;

class Meta {

public static void main(String[] args) throws, {

Properties props= new Properties(System.getProperties());
props.put("http.proxySet", "true");
props.put("http.proxyHost", "");
props.put("http.proxyPort", "6588");

HTMLEditorKit.ParserCallback callback = new HTMLEditorKit.ParserCallback ()

public void handleSimpleTag(HTML.Tag t, MutableAttributeSet a, int pos) {

if (t == HTML.Tag.META)
System.out.println("META inside");

String attrib = (String) a.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.NAME);
if (attrib != null)
System.out.println("NAME : "+attrib);
String content =(String) a.getAttribute(HTML.Attribute.CONTENT);
if (content != null)
System.out.println("content : "+content);
String httpequiv = (String)a.getAttribute(HTML.Attribute.HTTPEQUIV);
if (httpequiv != null)
System.out.println("httpequiv : "+httpequiv);
for (int counter = args.length - 1; counter >= 0; counter--)
Reader reader = getReader(args[counter]);
new ParserDelegator().parse(reader, callback, false);
catch (Exception e) {
System.out.println("ERROR IN SITE: "+args[counter]+"Exception"+e);
static Reader getReader(String uri)
throws IOException {

if (uri.startsWith("http:")) {

URLConnection conn=
new URL(uri).openConnection();
return new

} else {

return new FileReader(uri);

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