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Beans: Simple beginner's question

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I am totally novice to Java and trying to teach myself the language (which
doesn't seem to work well).

I have created a bean called BC_Table. I then use it in a dialog 10 times
(in 10 different Cards of a StackCard) as TableBean1, TableBean2, TableBean3
etc (my GUI IDE doesn't allow me to set it as an array at this stage).

To be able to use these TableBeans easier, I had created an array of
BC_Table as:

BC_Table [] dummyBean=new BC_Table[stackCardNo];

How can I make dummyBean [] always update its values according to those of
TableBean1, TableBean2 etc
*and vice versa* -I want to use the array for all bean's "set" methods for
convenience then update TableBean1 etc- ??

(I had tried to create a method in which I was doing something like
dummyBean[0]=TableBean1; etc
but this doesn't seem to work. Also I am not sure if and how I could use
clone in this case).

Thanks in advance and sorry for the ignorant's question.


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Andrew Thompson
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On Sun, 6 Jun 2004 10:15:39 +0100, Sveta wrote:

> I am totally novice to Java and trying to teach myself the language (which
> doesn't seem to work well).

You will find lots of friendly people who
will help you through the early stages here..

[ Hope I got that URL right, my system is naff
at the moment and I could not check it.. ]

Andrew Thompson Open-source software suite Web & IT Help Science & Technology
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