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[ANN] UnifiedIO

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UnifiedIO allows random access to any data or stream (even over HTTP), and
gives a clear difference between read only and read/write access.

UnifiedIO is part of ImageroReader ( since
november 2003.

: : Access everything (files, streams, arrays) in same manner (thru
: : You choose byte order.
: : You can change byte order at any time.
: : Define start offset and length.
: : Optimized reading over http (download only needed range of bytes in a
file instead of having to download the entire file - uses byteserving
feature of http 1.1).
: : Advanced features - DataSource and DataSourceManager.

UnifiedIO is Open Source (BSD licence)

Download/CVS at
Online documentation at

Feedback and suggestions: uio [at] imagero [dot] com

____________ the best java image reader.

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