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Here is the code I am working with, I am unshure how to envoke the action I was using a form but would like to use javascript. However, I don't want issues if javascript is turned off or firewalls will block the code. I have done this is ASP but not shure how to deal with cookies and forms well enough in JSP. If there is an easier way please share.

Basically I want to:

1. Read the form data from cookie
2. If form is null then show all, if not null hide TR

1. If button is selected set cookie to other state
2. Reload page to reflect new setting
This is what I currently have in JSP


<tr> <------------ Show or Hide
</tr> <------------- This table row data




//Get form data
String toggle = request.getParameter("toggle");
if(toggle.equals("toggle")) {

<tr><td class='list' align='center' colspan="2">


ResultSet rs = stat.executeQuery(tableStr);
while ( {
out.println(rs.getString(4) + "<br>" + rs.getString(2) + "&nbsp;" + rs.getString(3)+"<br>--------<br>");
String toggle = "null" //


toggle = "toggle";
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